Not to confuse you further: picture taken in Scandinavia circa 2008. That was when I have made the decision that I want to travel (more).

To be in a country for the first time is just a wonderful experience. Double that excitement if you are doing it alone or with a group, on a budget or on a tour package. The love affair with traveling is too difficult to resist since then.

On traveling

I read travel books and research places before embarking on a new adventure. However, I make my travel plans based on personal taste. We all hear people say that these are the “must-sees” and the “best spots” for certain destinations. As always these should be taken as a guide. My itinerary may not suit other travelers as well and may not guarantee that everything will go as planned.

Changes to itineraries is something I look forward to in any travel. I can say I can rough it out or plainly say I am too tired or too lazy or will not give a damn. I stick to schedules and but open to possibilities. Traveling on a budget is always part of the plan. There is however some allowance to splurge on niceties that may make the trip worth while.

On photography

I have a DSLR and will try to bring it as much as possible. Recently, I find it too bulky. I have a useless Android phone. But the real savior will be the iPhone. Most of the pictures will be coming from a mobile device. Do not freak out. Traveling is about the experience right? I enjoy the moment more if I do not have to adjust the f-stop or the aperture manually every now and then. But okay, the Nikon camera will have to see some sunshine soon.

However, I am still a true believer of framing the right composition and maximizing natural light. Golden hour? Sure why not.

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On scuba diving

Well, I try to include this in the itinerary. Sometimes it is not practical so my CMAS card can just weep in the corner. Hopefully I can have more dive trips in the future. By then hoping as well that my equalization and buoyancy skills are better.

In the end, let me quote William Least Heat Moon, “When you’re traveling, you are what you are right there and then. People don’t have your past to hold against you. No yesterdays on the road.”

Some practicalities


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