Bakasyunan Resort Tanay Teambuilding

TANAY, RIZALBakasyunan Resort Tanay teambuilding was the main summer activity/General Assembly for the quarter for our company.

I have seen deals for this resort in some online group-buying sites before. I was even tempted to purchase one.

Going to Tanay, Rizal can be a long ride when you are caught in the usual traffic along Ortigas Avenue Extension. An alternate route is going to Antipolo using Marcos Highway.

We left Manila early; around 6 in the morning. I was sleepy though so I just decided to take a nap and drain the noise of the bus by plugging in my headphone and letting Spotify do the rest.

I woke up right after passing the town of Morong.

Bakasyunan Resort Tanay Teambuilding

I have to say that the management of Bakasyunan Resort and Conference Center Tanay was a bit overwhelmed on the number of visitors that day.

The designated area for our company was not yet set up when we arrived. The sound system and the buffet tables were just being arranged. We even had to assist setting up the chairs.

The morning snack was cold fries and sandwich, the managed buffet lunch was just average and the afternoon spaghetti snack was bland.

There are two swimming pools for the whole complex. The swimming near the restaurant and main hotel building can be overcrowded. There is another newer swimming pool down the cabanas. The shower and toilets here are cleaner and tolerable than the ones for the main pool.

Bakasyunan Resort Tanay Teambuilding activities

There were a couple of activities for any teambuilding requirement your company may have. Ours were pre-selected before our arrival and were based on what the staffs can actually do and enjoy.

1. Team Cheer – classic ice-breaker activity for any teambuilding.

2. Obstacle Course – The most difficult one. Good thing we did this first!

3. Acid River – Really an easy task. No sweat. But due to the sun, it was a sweaty activity.

4. Human Caterpillar – Good call in changing the name of this activity. Haha.

5. Great Wall – I have chosen to volunteer as a lifter due to a very practical reason. We did this under a minute and a half.

6. Mudslide – This one was really fun. We noticed that the stagnant water at the end of the slide was dirty. Maybe that is where the “mud” part of mudslide is for.

Bakasyunan Resort Tanay Teambuilding Winner

Of course, our team, the Green Team was the over-all winner.

The pressure to maintain our winning streak from last year’s Corregidor Island adventure was really a good motivation.

I am looking forward for next year’s summer activity! Hopefully we will win again!

After all these activities, it was just free time. We swam, ate lots of barbecue and drank beer.

Going back to Manila, we had to endure some nasty heavy traffic in Ortigas Avenue Extension.

And I am indeed getting old, had to nurse a not-so-fun body pains the next morning.

Other hotels/accommodations in Tanay:

  • Ten Cents to Heaven Resort
  • Sampaloc Inn

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