Colorful crowded Pahiyas

LUCBAN, QUEZON – The first time I have visited Lucban’s Pahiyas festival was during my college days. I can say with certainty that it has become a crowded Pahiyas.

However, do not lose hope, the best way to enjoy and beat the colorful crowded Pahiyas is simple: stay overnight in Lucban.

Accommodations near and around Lucban for Pahiyas:

  • Samkara Restaurant and Garden Resort
  • Batis Aramin Resort and Hotel
  • Patio Rizal Hotel
  • Kalesa Inn
  • Oreña’s Budget Rooms
  • If you stay overnight in Lucban for the Pahiyas festival, you can also see a different set of colors once the decorated houses are bathed in lights during the night time. Walking throughout the town as well becomes more bearable since you do not need to endure the heat of the sun.

    Joining a Tour Group

    We decided to join a group organized by a travel and tour company. They have sent buses loaded with tourists (so just imagine the same thing being done by dozens or so other travel and tour companies from all over Metro Manila. Thankfully, our group was given a separate van for the whole day trip.

    Our first stop was Kamay ni Hesus. This place was also crowded. We have not ventured to climb to the top and just took photos at the base. Along the highway across Kamay ni Hesus are carinderias that are also crowded. We have no choice but to wait in line just to have Lucban longganisa for breakfast.

    Finally when it was time to visit Lucban and see Pahiyas, the van parked a kilometer away from the Pahiyas Festival gate. Tricycles are most helpful and greedy at this point but we had no choice. Mind you, they are only allowed to bring you to the town proper gate so you will still walk a good distance just to see the crowded colorful Pahiyas.

    It was not yet lunch time but there was already a long line outside of Buddy’s. We wanted to taste some Pancit Habhab but seeing this line really changed our minds pretty quickly.

    We continued our way taking lots of photos and passed by Lucban Church. After this we went to the Lucban Public Market to buy some Lucban Longganisa as pasalubong.

    We tried another 2 or 3 restaurants before losing hope but it seems they are either running out of place or food at 12 noon. We ended up eating burger along the street in Lucban. Going back to the van was difficult as well. The heat of the sun was not bearable despite the umbrella we brought with us. And the last straw was, we had to walk towards the van since everyone is fighting to get the empty tricycle approaching us. But nonetheless it was fun and memorable. You just need to laugh it off otherwise the whole experience will just get ruined.

    Our van departed around five in the afternoon. So basically we were just “lounging” inside the van and taking advantage of the A/C. Going back in Manila, we dropped by Nagcarlan’s Underground Cemetery as well as a couple of churches along the way. We were caught in heavy traffic along Pansol area.

    So, for anyone reading this and planning to visit Pahiyas, please heed my advice and stay for a day of two to see this colorful yet crowded Pahiyas.