Guimaras Packaged Tour with Cabugan Nature Resort

NUEVA VALENCIA, GUIMARAS – After our first night in Iloilo, we decided to have an overnight side trip to the island of Guimaras.

This is a Guimaras packaged tour with Cabugan Nature Resort. They are formerly known as Cabugan Adventure Resort but I guess the adventure is still there nonetheless.

Crossing the Iloilo Strait

We checked out early from Go Hotels Iloilo and took a taxi to Ortiz Wharf. We just paid 14 pesos per person to cross the Iloilo Strait. The whole boat ride was less than 30 minutes to Jordan Wharf.

Cabugan Nature Resort is located in Nueva Valencia, the southern most part of the island of Guimaras. We made arrangement for the resort for our transportation to and from Jordan Wharf. Commuting for 2 hours with some rough road along the way seems not to be too inviting. We were able to sleep during the land travel as well so it was worth the extra fee.

Staying in Cabugan Nature Resort

We arrived in Barangay Tando, Nueva Valencia and we needed to ride a small boat to cross the mangrove area before reaching the shoreline of Cabugan Nature Resort.

We had a glimpse of the cliff-side sunset rooms, one of which will be our sleeping quarter for the night.

Other accommodations you can check out in Guimaras Island:

  • Cabaling Beach Resort
  • Villa Maria Beach Resort
  • Zemkamps Chalet
  • Raymen Beach Resort
  • JM Backpackers Hometel
  • The check-in process was quick. They staff already knew that we availed of their Guimaras packaged tour with Cabugan Nature Resort. We were told that lunch was included in the package and after settling in our room we can have our lunch in the main alfresco dining hall.

    The room itself is on a side of cliff overlooking the sea. It has a thatched roof and ply sheet walls. The transparent window screens make it windy and cool inside the room. But since this area is where most local fishermen’s and other island resorts’ boats pass by it can be noisy sometimes. The bathroom is small but clean however it does not have a decent place for toiletries. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience to sleep in this kind of setting.

    A trip to Nueva Valencia Sand Bar

    That same afternoon, a small outrigger boat was arranged for us to visit a 1-hr ride to a sandbar nearest Cabugan Nature Resort. We were accompanied by two locals. Thankfully it was quite cloudy that day so we were not baked under the sun.

    Trying out Guimaras mangoes on a pizza

    Sadly, it was not the season for Guimaras mangoes. We asked a couple of people; the resort staff, the bangkeros, the van driver, where we can have some authentic Guimaras mangoes, but to no avail.

    But then there is The Pitstop Restaurant to the rescue. Located in Jordan, we had our lunch here before going back to Iloilo. We ordered their mango pizza and we were not disappointed. You can even pair it up with some mango shake and give the pizza more mango with their mango ketchup as well. It may not be the quintessential Guimaras mangoes experience, but for this trip, it will do.