Macau Day Trip

MACAU, SAR CHINA – A Macau day trip is possible if you are planning to visit Hong Kong (or vice versa). If you are not a hardcore gambler, there is not much reason to stay longer than a day or two in Macau.

We took the tram from our TravelMob accommodation to the Hong Kong–Macau Ferry Terminal along Connaught Road Central in Hong Kong Island. We bought our round trip tickets from TurboJet. Schedules and fare prices can be found here.

This ferry crossing will take around an hour more or less. There will be immigration clearance procedures at both ends so remember to bring all needed travel documents. By the way, the immigration clearance processing in the Macau terminal can be too long but was not the case when getting out of Macau.

Recommendations on Macau hotels/accommodations:

  • Holiday Hotel
  • The Victoria Hotel
  • Best Western Sun Hotel
  • Regency Hotel Macau
  • Royal Hotel
  • Casino, casino, casino!

    I have not played inside a casino before so maybe the only thing useful for me from these establishments are the provision of free buses.

    We have met a Filipino working inside the Terminal so the guy was able to help us change some HK cash to Macao Pataca and gave us direction on where the buses are located for The Venetian Macao.

    Once there, just queue on the designated line and wait for the instruction to board the bus. This is basically a free tour around Macau. You will have a glimpse on the landscape, skyscrapers, and bridges in Macau. Notable are the Macau Tower Convention and Entertainment Center and the Macao Science Center.

    The bus ride will end at The Venetian Macao; just follow the crowd and you will not be lost.

    Camera is not allowed in any of the casino areas.

    The outside facade of The Venetian Macao was planned to be elegant. Inside, it looks like a big mall. The main attraction will be the various man-made canals with matching sky ceilings. Most tourists will go to this casino for this purpose. Entrance is free anyway. There are various mid-range and high-end shops so you can do a little bit of shopping here.

    Macau’s Wine Museum – Free Admission

    From The Venetian Macao we hopped on Sands Macao Hotel’s free shuttle service bus to reach Macau’s Wine Museum.

    Located in Rua Luis Gonzaga Gomes 431, in the basement of the Tourism Activities Centre, opening hours is from 10:00 to 20:00. They are closed on Tuesdays.

    You pay an extra 15 MOP to taste 3 variants of wine at the end of the tour of the museum.

    The Grand Prix Museum is also in the same building.

    Senado Square and Ruins of St. Paul’s

    From the Tourism Centre, we rode a bus and alighted in front of Senado Square.

    There are a couple of vendors selling Macau’s famous egg tarts. This is a must-try.

    You will see a couple of old buildings here housing governments offices. A couple of churches also dot the “walking street” leading up to the Ruins of St. Paul’s.

    Shops and restaurants are many as well. Here is your chance to buy souvenirs and Macau’s pastries and beef jerky.

    Some vendor attendants offering free taste though do not look very hygienic at all.

    Ruins of St. Paul’s is yes, a ruin. What was left of the church’s original facade. Expect a horde of people here. This is a good place to rest and sit at the stairs of the church; just find a nice shade.

    Beside the Ruins of St. Paul’s is a Chinese temple. There is also a fortress on top a hill you can also visit.

    Going back to Hong Kong

    We walked along Almeida Ribeiro Avenue up to Infante Dom Henrique Avenue to reach the Grand Lisboa Macau.

    You need to get to their casino area to get a free shuttle bus pass from one of the casino floor managers.

    Checking-in the ferry terminal and going pass the security and immigration clearance were a breeze. You can use your ticket to any earlier trips as long as there are available seats.

    That ends our Macau Day Trip.