Malmo Sweden Nostalgia

MALMO, SWEDEN – You hear about Scandinavia every now and then in the news. Mostly how livable and wonderful this region is. I cannot agree more.

Living for more than two months on this part of the Earth has been a very memorable experience.

The nearest city outside of Copenhagen (where I stayed) where a visitor can have a day trip to, will be Malmo. In this case, let me indulge myself with some Malmo Sweden nostalgia.

In Copenhagen Central Station, there is a direct train ride to Malmo. This will be around less than an hour ride.

Along the way, passenger will go through the Oresund Bridge. After passing the Drogden Tunnel, you will enter the bridge by the artificial island of Peberholm. To your left will see the Saltholm island. (Yeah, salt and pepper tandem.)

I was amazed on how many bikes were parked outside the station. Scandinavia is really a great place for biking.

Hotel rooms you can check out in Malmo

Once in Malmo Central Station, we have decided to go straight to Malmohus Castle. This was just a short walk and the castle has no entrance fee.

We decided to visit the nearest Malmo beach. On the way, we were able to see the World Maritime University. After I have seen this place, I have aspired to do graduate study under this organization. The WMU is a school under the International Maritime Organization, the highest United Nation body for maritime affairs. Someday WMU, someday.

You will also see the small and yet traditional fish market near Malmohus. This is called the Fiskehoddorna.

To get a nice view of the Turning Torso, the tallest building in Scandinavia and completed in 2005, most visitors will go to Ribersborgsstranden. This is a sandy (and windy and cold!) beach.

This is yet the time of selfies but I guess us Filipinos will never miss the chance to have a picture with the tourist icon in the background.

I really cannot imagine the locals taking a dip here. Even during summer, I just felt that I cannot endure the cold water. There are couple of jetties that can be used for this purpose.

After a short break, we decided to go to the city centre. This is a bit of a walk. I really did not mind the walking but the breeze cold was something else. Hence I was so happy to be able to get away from the beach.

We have first visited the city’s oldest church, S:t Petri Kyrka.

Europe’s Christian churches are magnificent in style. They are well maintained and anyone practicing this faith can find solace inside.

We went to see Gustav Adolfs Torg (Gustav Adolf’s Square), Stortorget (creatively named the Big Square) and Lilla Torg (aptly named the Little Square). There is a statue of King Karl X Gustav of Sweden in the center of Stortorget to commemorate the end of Danish dominion. Beside the square is the Malmo City Hall.

We were lost trying to find Folkets Park (People’s Park).

Going back to Malmo Central Station, I was able to buy some souvenirs in Strotoget. This daytrip may be short but it was really memorable.


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