Tagaytay Weekend Getaway

TAGAYTAY, CAVITE – This will always be the first choice for Metro Manila residents trying to enjoy some fresh air and nice vistas. With that, coming to this place can be crowded and the classic heavy traffic is unavoidable. The good part is, the cold weather and some hot bulalo will be the consolation.

Still having some Groupon credits, I decided to book a hotel for a quick Tagaytay weekend getaway. For some people, they do not even need a plan. You just need some cash and some sense of adventure.

How to commute to Tagaytay from Metro Manila.

Let not having a car ruin your desire to visit Tagaytay. There are couple of ways you can commute from Metro Manila to Tagaytay. But not without challenge though.

From LRT Buendia station, you can either ride the bus going to Nasugbu and get off at Olivares (around 100 PHP). Jam Transit and DLTB Bus serve this route. This is however the go-to option for most people so expect to see some queue. Alternatively, you can go to Alabang and ride an FX van to Olivares (75 PHP).

Unfortunately for us, a grand opening of a mall along Alabang-Zapote Road meant that going to Alabang will not be a breeze.

Do not book in Cittavivere Suites Tagaytay!

Cittavivere Suites is along Tagaytay-Sta Rosa Road. This Google map entry is wrong. Buses going to Nasugbu will ply this route and you can just ask to get off in front of the establishment.

This hotel had asked for a weekend surcharge of 500 PHP. I strongly believed that it is not really necessary considering the current state of the hotel.

To be fair, both receptionists in time of checking in and checking out are both courteous. White Oak Hospitality reservation team is also quite helpful.

However, this is not enough to change my mind that it is not really worth the money and it has just ruined our Tagaytay weekend getaway:

  • There was no discernible difference between a “Standard Room” and a “Suite.”
  • The door knob has been replaced with some refurbished furniture part. Using the key to close and open the door lock was a headache.
  • The bed “creaks” even by the tiniest of movement.
  • Early morning traffic noise was horrible.
  • The bathroom was not well-lit. No toiletries given. Missing soap holder for the shower area. Black stains on the walls and ceilings. Plus black ants.
  • The location was really far from the main attractions of Tagaytay.
  • The free breakfast was plain rice, an egg, 2 hotdogs and coffee. Utensils look dirty.

In conclusion, please do not even consider staying at this place.

Other hotels you can check out in Tagaytay

A bit of cold and fun in Sky Ranch.

The best way to reach Sky Ranch is to go to Olivares first. From there, ride the jeepneys (minimum fare) going to Alfonso, Indang, Mendez, etc. Ask for the driver if he will pass by Sky Ranch. Most jeepneys have signs indicating that they will indeed pass by this area. It is just one straight highway afterall.

Entrance to Sky Ranch is 100 PHP. There was a discount at the time of our visit so our ticket price was just 90 PHP per person. Maybe you can be lucky as well when you visit this area.

After a little bit of discussion, we decided that we will just ride 2 attractions: Sky Eye and Super Viking. This was a great decision in hindsight!

Sky Eye is a Ferris Wheel overlooking Taal Lake. We went there at night so no Taal Lake view. It was a bit cold inside the Sky Eye cabin even though it was just artificial air conditioning unit attached in the cabin. As Jimmy Kimmel has put it, it has beautifully mixed my fear of heights and boredom.

Ticket price per person is 150 PHP. They should have just made this 100 PHP. Not really a highlight for the whole complex.

Super Viking, the only ride the adults can really enjoy. Ticket price is 100 PHP. Try to be at either end seats to really experience the ride’s swing power.

For some people, this maybe too much. Try not to freak out.

Just recently, Sky Ranch has inched it way to be one of the activities for people doing a Tagaytay weekend getaway. This place is great for children i.e. those on family trips.

Mushroom galore at Mushroom Burger.

There are new restaurants in Sky Ranch that will quench your hunger. However, I have always wanted to taste the burgers of Mushroom Burger. This was just a short walk (maybe 10 minutes max) from Sky Ranch.

Mushroom fan here. So maybe the reason I love this place. The mushroom fries is awesome.

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All that food in that tray just cost us 480 PHP. This is a fastfood place hence you need to pay as you order. Definitely not for fine dining. What really bothered me was the cleanliness of the floor. There are too many rubbish. It seems that the floor has not been swept clean for while for that day.

A quick visit to Tagaytay Picnic Grove.

After a disappointing breakfast with Cittavivere Suites, we went straight to Tagaytay Picnic Grove. This is on the other side from Sky Ranch and near the Tagaytay-Sta Rosa Road.

Entrance fee is 50 PHP per person. You can do horseback riding, fish spa, cable car and zip lines. Those are the things we did not do. People there are just basically having a picnic (Duh!).

Tagaytay Picnic Grove Map

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Some of the cottages for rent

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Again, this place may be great for the kids and families. Maybe, not for me. The Eco-trail was okay but that’s it. I find the other activities inside the Picnic Grove either too expensive or too boring.

The bridge in the Eco-trail inside the Tagaytay Picnic Grove

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We went here via a trike then went back to the hotel the same way. Cost is about 90 PHP round trip.

There will always be a Tagaytay Weekend Getaway.

As long as there are families itching to see Taal Lake, children wanting to feel the cold breeze, fathers craving for hot Bulalo or teenagers chatting up over cups of coffee, Tagaytay will always be the quintessential weekend getaway for people living in Metro Manila.


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