Twice the fun in Universal Studios Singapore

UNIVERSAL STUDIOS SINGAPORE – I have visited USS twice. Anyone planning to go Singapore will probably have this on their itinerary. For my case, I needed to include this for a solo trip and then after three years I went back with a friend who was visiting Singapore for the first time.

Singapore is my second most visited country after Malaysia. Majority of these trips were work-related.

I have stayed on these accommodations during those visits:

1. Copthorne King’s Hotel
2. Rucksack Inn @ Hongkong Street
3. M Hotel Singapore
4. Summer View Hotel

Other hotel options you can check out in Singapore

For the rest of my visits, I usually ask a good friend living in Singapore if I can stay on his apartment. Majority of the time, he would say yes and I am very grateful of that.

Filipino hospitality is extended outside of the Philippines. However, just like everything in life, prospecting travelers seeking this kind of arrangement should be cordial and civil. Be respectful of the host and do not demand too much of their resources (be it time, lodging spaces, etc.) Do not forget to pay it forward!

Okay, going back to why it was twice the fun in Universal Studios Singapore:

Battlestar Galactica: Human vs. Cylon

There is no denying that the most awesome ride inside Universal Studios Singapore is this. However, I guess it will take a lot of luck just to experience this ride. This has been closed for the most part when USS started. Our only consolation is that they are doing it for the safety of the public. There is a really good reason why there is no room for mistakes for this ride.

The ride has two components: Human and Cyclon. I would suggest (if you find yourself in USS and this is again open) to try first the Human ride.

But I guess it will vary if this will be scarier for you than the other ride. What I really appreciate about these two rides aside from the awesomeness is that there is literally no queue here! Outside the rides are automated lockers which are free for the first thirty minutes.

Revenge of the Mummy

The next best thing in Universal Studios Singapore (until three years ago!). The part I love is that it is indoor and it plays well with your senses. There was something in the ride track that is truly unique to this ride but I guess I do not want it for you.

However I was disappointed that this was shorten. It was not supposed to be that quick ride. I guess they are maintaining the other parts of the ride.

Jurassic Park: Rapids Adventure

I was not able to check this out the first time I visited USS. So definitely a must to try this ride. We did not buy those ponchos available at the start of the line. Went out of this ride very happy (being a Michael Crichton fan) and very wet (being unlucky).

Since it was almost time for lunch, we ate in Discovery Foodcourt just in front of the Rapids Adventure ride.

Anything laksa for me is good food. This was delicious! The price was decent. There are diners inside USS that cost more for a fastfood-like choices.

Transformers: The Ride 3D

No Battlestar Galactica? Do not worry, Transformers: The Ride 3D is here!

Opened late 2011, this is a great indoor ride! The queue can be long but it was worth it! This really made the fun part of the twice the fun in Universal Studios Singapore.

Forgot to take pictures though! At least even the facade! So sorry. 🙂


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